it’ll be archived on twitch so don’t despair too much

Yeah. I’m really glad that’s a thing

Might have to just listen to Zisteau on mobile, even though I know I’ll fall asleep, because I’m very tired and not feeling great at all.

I can always watch the rest later and there will be more streams in the future. After all, he referred to this stream as day 1, so I’m not too worried.


u know when ur fav character does something that should be really badass and actually is really badass

but all u can do is look at them and just shake ur head like

what a nerd


Baby on board, Robert Sammelin


Zisteau smiles and laughs and everybody in chat swoons

Kakashi blushing


Success, a short comic about following your dreams

(made in celebration of my Facebook page reaching 100K Likes)

Someone asked if this was going to be a drunk stream and he held the bottle up to the camera and said “Ask and you shall receive” so yeah. This is gonna be a drunk stream.

I’m going to try not to point out every little thing he does

Like earlier how he was leaning back and had one arm over the back of the chair

And how he just rubbed his nose

Yeah, definitely not going to point out those things